For the last 7 years NASA has created one of the largest Hackathons worldwide. Last year the event attracted over 25.000 participants from technology, art, design, culture, science, engineering and health.

Like the ISS this Hackathon brings together different nations, professions and minds of all ages to find solutions for the future. Not only in space but also here on earth.

Alexander Gerst on Mission Horizons

The Berlin Hackathon is a 30 hour event where participants work cooperatively on solutions for the future. Students, employees, startups and highly motivated people design, prototype, build and present results over a weekend, in a creative and playful environment where visions of our future become graspable and real.

It’s not only about writing software, it’s about solving existing problems with all kinds of technologies, from soldering, CNC milling, 3D printing to welding or woodworking.

We are hosted by the Motionlab Berlin, one of the biggest Makerspaces in the world where we have access to modern tools. And inside this environment we are also supported by a group of highly talented and creative mentors.

As this Hackathon is about cooperation and combining the best talents in different professions, we close the event with presentations and a public fair open to an interested audience and the press.