Be part of a global interdisciplinary team with scientists, students, makers, hackers, enthusiasts and artists to design, prototype, build and present results over a weekend. In a creative and playful environment visions become graspable and real. Diverse teams create the strongest solutions! It’s not only about writing software, it’s about solving existing problems with all kinds of technologies, from soldering, CNC milling, 3D printing to welding or woodworking.

The event is situated in 2 warehouse style halls (next to each other) with over 4,500 sqm. One hall is dedicated to science and technology, the other will blend science with art.

Here some ideas to inspire you:
  • How do other planets smell?
  • Hydrogen – the new fuel?
  • Crowd Co2 collectors
  • Drone to measure electromagnetic “smog” to get a head map
  • Space music (auto composer based on astrophysics measurement)
  • Add decoders to SatNogs Satellite Software
  • Interplanetary File System
  • Cubesats
  • Can we simulate zero gravity for plants?

The list ist endless. Participants are welcome to complete projects and research they are already working on, start a new one or join a project you like. It’s all about you and your creativity.