If you consider yourself to fall in the category of Maker or Hacker this Hackathon can be really interesting for you. The Motionlab has all the tools we Makers love. Starting from electronics to mechanics and also some bio hacking parts. Bring your projects or only ideas and make them become reality here in teams.

Beside the tools we also have access to a lot of sensors in the space to work with the data. Among these there is a great weather station, satellite communication system, air plane tracking, particulate matter detector and (if it’s finished by then) a meteor detection system.

Here are some examples of our infrastructure:


Oh and have I mentioned we have Mate. 🙂

So, if you have questions or comments please free to contact me. And I am really looking forward to seeing you and your projects at the NASA Hackathon.

Contact Ansi (ansi@23-5.eu)