I am living in Berlin for 3 years already and I am a creative technologist freelancer. I work in the fields of design, engineering, tinkering, and arts.
In many of my works, I like to take things out of their context. Whether showing their aesthetics, regardless of their function or combine old and high tech in such a way which produces new things. Another thing which I like to deal with, something which I think could be relevant for the spaceapp event, is to visualize phenomenon in such a way which makes it easy for understanding.

Project Idea
  1. A walker (like what used for babies) but bugger with elastic straps. This could be an interesting way to give the person using it, how it feels to walk on the moon – gravity wise
  2. A  rotating electromagnetic slingshot with a ball or another object attached to it. The user can release the object from the rotation of the slingshot when they want. The idea is to explain the concept of rotating a spacecraft around planet earth, in order to accumulate kinetic energy which will send to towards the moon.
  3. I also have 2 Plexiglas rings, around 1meter in diameter, which I think could be a part of some ‘spacecraft’ looking sculpture.