As an artist participating in the SpaceAppsChallenge it is the goal to bring creativity, knowledge and skills between the interdisciplinary groups. It is important for artists to bring new ways of thinking and approaching the data we receive from NASA to allow semantical outcomes that may be hidden within to present themselves in creative forms.

List of participating artists

Klara Ravat:
Klara is a smell artist.

Phyllis Josefine:
“Since I am small I always wanted to have a telescope, but never got one, since they are so very expensive. But my interest in outterspace remained constantly. The NASA Homepage is my little home. I have some things I would really like to try out in the space app challenge: I want to find an easier way to get and access the NASA Image Databanks and maybe generate a musicvideo out of it, next to that I have an AR Idea that could make it easier to stargaze. But nothing more to tell here right now :)”

Cristina Pavesi:

“I would like to interpret Data by pictures and action painting.”

Andrey und Juliana Vrady:
For Hackathon Andrey is creating an artwork that shows the dialogue between people and technology. How technology perceives human beings and how through the lens of the artists computational code we might look as art.

Eitan Rieger:
Eitan is a creative technologist.

If you have any further questions or comments please feel free to contact me. We are really looking forward to seeing you and your projects at this Hackathon.

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